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Audio Visual “AV” Technician

IRCAD Africa is a training and research center in minimally invasive surgery. The principal of IRCAD is to teach internationally the latest techniques in minimally-invasive image guided abdominal surgery, and to research new computer-assisted system combining developments in software, artificial intelligence and robotics.


Job Interview

We are looking for an experienced AV Technician to set up and operate media equipment for live events. As an AV Technician, you will be responsible for organizing and installing media equipment such as projectors, microphones, video monitors, and sound boards. You may also be required to alter the venue layout to enhance acoustics.


  • Install and maintain audio visual equipment including display devices, projectors, televisions, camera systems, video teleconferencing systems (VTC), microphones and speakers
  • Perform equipment storage and transportation activities in safe and secure manner
  • Setup and operate audio visual equipment for trainings, presentations, meetings and conferences
  • Perform equipment additions, removals, repairs, replacements and inspections
  • Conducting sound, visual, and performance quality checks on AV equipment during live events
  • Assemble and disassemble audio visual equipment as needed
  • Laying electrical and sound cables
  • Inspecting mountings and electrical equipment to ensure they conform to health and safety regulations


Requiurements and Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sound Engineering or a similar field
  • Previous experience working as an AV Technician
  • In-depth knowledge of sound, video, and lighting equipment
  • Familiarity with computers and IP Networking Systems
  • Advanced knowledge of modern filming and sound mixing techniques
  • Fluency in English, written and spoken is essential


Duration of Work

This position is to be filled immediately as part-time employment with the possibility to converting into a full-time employment based on your experience

Please send your CV, motivation letter including relevant work experience to and

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