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Customer Relationship Management Director

We are a social enterprise committed to eradicating water scarcity by providing appropriate technologies for durable access to water.

Established in 2014, our mission and vision have guided our services as we provided clean water access to over 132,000 individuals, schools, business and farms in Rwanda and across the borders in DRC, Burundi and Uganda.



Your role
The CRM director will set and monitor marketing strategies that will foster succesful short and long-term client engagements. This role supervises marketing functions and handles the sales function to increase market presence and customer engagement.
To be succesful,  you must be very passionate about facilitating consumer experience and value. Your passion should be complemented by very solid knowledge and experience of CRM systems and relevant KPI metrics. You should have strong organizational skills to be able to avoid leakages in our funnels and processes. You should further be capable of identifying new trends and opportunities to drive business and pro-actively address any customer concerns.
Detailed Responsibilities
  • Monitor relationshop with existing customers through a CRM system
  • Build and maintain a CRM system that provides an effective sales funnel across all company business lines
  • Set marketing strategies and techniques to find prospects and retain customers
  • Plan and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Advocate for customer needs, work with the team to adress their needs
  • Track all relevant metrics to sales and marketing
  • Conduct market research to follow trends and competition
  • Conduct market research for new sites and new markets
  • Be a bridge between customers and technical servicing team after sales
  • Prepare visually appealing documents to cather to the needs of various customer segments.
  • Think out of the box and implement non-traditional marketing strategies in collaboration with the CEO
  • Take calculated risks, lead any needed change for ultimate customer engagement




  • Proven work experince as CRM Director or very similar role
  • Solid background in customer acquisition and customer retention
  • Technical expertise with CRM and Analytical systems
  • Knowledge of online marketing and best practices
  • Proven ability to manage marketing projects end-to-end
  • Exceptional customer-oriented attitude
  • Strong communication skills on all media : written, spoken, phone, email, etc.
  • Bachelor of Science/Arts in a relevant field
  • Advanced proficiency in MS Office



Gross salary from RWF 740,000 depending on experience
Contributions: NSSF, RAMA



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