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Executive Director

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Rwanda is hiring a full-time Executive Director.  AmCham Rwanda is looking for an independent and entrepreneurial leader with a background in private sector management and public-private partnership to oversee our ambitious growth, policy, and programming agenda.  

This contract is a long-term salaried position based in Kigali, Rwanda. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. 


Background on AmCham Rwanda

Founded in 2019, AmCham Rwanda aims to foster private sector growth of American-affiliated companies in Rwanda and promote bilateral relationships between the American and Rwanda business communities, as well as connections among American business interests in Rwanda and in the region.  AmCham Rwanda does this through three key activities:

  • Provide a suite of services to our members, including Corporate Members’ meetings, newsletters, policy briefs, workshops, and networking events
  • Maintain relationships with the Government of Rwanda (GoR), with a specific focus on: advocacy for fostering a regulatory environment conducive to private sector growth, and; identifying partnerships between AmCham members and GoR counterparts
  • Maintain relationships with the US business community, with a focus on partnering with the US Chamber of Commerce, US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), US-based investors considering investing in Rwanda, and US-based operating companies considering opening operations in Rwanda



Jobs Duties and Responsibilities 

The Executive Director’s responsibilities will include:

Member services (25%)

  • Coordinate and administer core member services, including Corporate Members meetings, networking events, monthly newsletter, and weekly policy roundup
  • Conduct business intelligence and provide guidance to members on how to best operate businesses effectively and efficiently in Rwanda
  • Spearhead new member service initiatives, potentially including workshops, trainings, and partnerships
  • Provide policy information to members as needed, including on priority topics such as the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement
  • Work with members to understand their needs and develop new member services as useful


GoR and Rwanda relations (25%)


  • Invite and prep senior leaders from Government, quasi-governmental entities, and public-private partnerships to AmCham events
  • Identify, pursue, and oversee opportunities for partnership between Rwanda counterparts (including GoR) and AmCham members
  • Oversee policy / advocacy agenda and advocate to GoR for business-friendly policies
  • Sustain relationship with core GoR institutions, including RDB, MINICOM, MINECOFIN, Rwanda Finance Limited, Kigali Innovation City, and NAEB


US business community relations (25%)

  • Coordinate with US Embassy Economic & Commercial Office, USAID, and “Deal Teams” for specific projects and advocacy efforts
  • Engage US counterparts, including US Chamber of Commerce, US DFC, US-based businesses and investors to promote growth of Rwandan private sector
  • Work with US-based counterparts to achieve objectives related to member services and GoR / Rwanda relations
  • Participate in regional trade and investment conferences


Business development, resource mobilization, and growth

  • Identify and recruit new members
  • Ensure retention of existing members
  • Identify and pursue novel revenue streams, including new grant opportunities




AmCham Rwanda is seeking an individual with at least 6 years experience (or at least 4 years experience plus relevant Master’s-level training) in business administration, policy, and public private partnership.  


AmCham Rwanda is seeking a candidate with the potential to fill this role for two years or more.  Therefore, successful candidates will have plans to remain in Kigali on a permanent and full-time basis (with the exception of holidays, vacation, etc.) for the next two or more years. 


Key skills and traits needed to succeed in this role include:

  • Experience managing and delivering multiple projects simultaneously, with practical focus on achieving results
  • Experience partnering with Government of Rwanda and private sector companies, possibly including in public-private partnerships
  • Experience with financial planning and management and program monitoring, evaluation, and reporting
  • Broad network across public and private sector in Rwanda 
  • Familiarity with key issues facing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and other business operating in Rwanda
  • Collaborative attitude, entrepreneurial spirit, and “team player” approach to getting things done



Additional Information
  • Reports to: AmCham Rwanda Board and Board President
  • Number of staff directly managed: 1  (Project Manager)
  • Travel required outside Rwanda: Occasional (Less than 10% travel to regional trade and investment conferences)
  • Travel requires outside Kigali within Rwanda: Limited (As needed for specific projects/stakeholder engagement)




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