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Logistics Assistant Intern

The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) is an independent, accredited university that is training the next generation of global health professionals and thinkers to be leaders and change-makers so that equitable, quality health services are accessible and delivered to all.

We believe that building bridges across sectors is necessary to sustainably transform health education and delivery globally and eliminate the gap between the most and least disadvantaged.

Hamwe Festival works to generate new insights and brings public awareness to global health challenges and corresponding solutions, using the unique and complementary vantage points of the creative community and global health professionals. With the success of the Hamwe Festival and other arts initiatives at UGHE, in 2021, we institutionalized Hamwe Festival into a university department called the Arts & Culture in Global Health Public Engagement, whose responsibilities will contribute to UGHE’s mission by engaging the general public and global health communities on current global health issues through arts and cultural activities to sensitize and increase understanding on those global health issues.


Short story contest  

In 2021, during the third edition of Hamwe, UGHE and its partners organized the first Hamwe Short  Story Prize with the aim to highlight stories that showcase how health equity and other areas of social justice have been exacerbated during this global crisis and how the current pandemic has affected the lives of individuals and communities. Four hundred seventy-nine writers from more than 30 countries contributed by submitting short stories written in English and in French. 

This year, in partnership with Huza Press, a publishing company based in Kigali, we are inviting writers to submit short fiction inspired by the ideas of memory, cultural heritage and mental health as the  knowledge and valorisation of cultural heritage can strengthen self-esteem as well as community cohesion, therefore impacting collective and individual mental health, now and in the future. The  winners will be awarded during Hamwe Festival 2022 which will take place on 9-13 November 2022.   


Short stories contest assistant  

To ensure the submission review process efficiency, the Short Story Prize organizers are recruiting a Logistic Assistant that will be responsible to support the contest preparations and implementation of the screening process.  

The Contest Logistics Assistant’s responsibilities include but will not be limited to: 

Hamwe Prize logistics: 

  • Organize meetings on behalf of the organizing committee and document discussions
  • Support in the implementation of operations (procurement, finance, communications,  screenings collaborations with partners…) 
  • Draft letters and other necessary documents 
  • Contribute to UGHE and organizing committee reporting activities. 


Screening process:  

Entry Screening Processors will review the eligibility of writers and their entries then submit the stories  to the jury panel (through the organizing committee) who will evaluate them.  

  • Ensuring that regulations established by the Hamwe Prize organizers are being implemented  and establishing facilitation mechanism for partners, 
  • Verifying that writers’ entries respect the eligibility criteria established by the organizing team.
  • Assisting in the recruitment of competent Entry Screening Processors and other partners when  necessary. 
  • Collaborating with the organizing team in implementing and improving the Prize entry screening process. 
  • Supporting the development of screening tools and processes. 
  • Coordinating the plagerism check process. 
  • Scheduling the Entry Screening Processors team work, assigning daily tasks and ensuring their completion according to UGHE and the Short Story Prize quality standards. 
  • Cross-checking the work done by partners and contractors and ensuring that they are inline  with the existing criterias.
  • Ensuring that any issues encountered are flagged to the organizing committee timely before handing the final submission for the panel for evaluation. 
  • Supporting in organizing the jury panel activities. 
  • Supporting in any other relevant functions necessary to the success of the program and the festival. 



  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field 
  • Experience supporting the coordination of events, administrative or logistics processes
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in French and English with the ability to  communicate effectively in a wide range of stakeholder groups 
  • Strong attention to details  
  • Ability to manage and support teams 
  • Excellent time management skills 


Duration 4 months starting on August 22nd, 2022.



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