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Program Manager

Mission Statement of Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village: 

Through healing, education, and love, the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village empowers orphaned and vulnerable Rwandan youth to build lives of dignity and contribute to a better world. 


Core Values: Our core values inspire all our work, focusing our staff on the child’s best interests and helping our students create a community dedicated to building empowered and self-reliant lives. They are: 


Commitment: Embrace the mission and go the extra mile

Respect: Be considerate and mindful of others and the environment

Role model: Live and lead by example in a positive way 

Interest of Child: Base every decision on how it impacts the child 

Support: Help and encourage one another 

Integrity: Always be honest with yourself and others and act accordingly 

Learning Community: Seek and maximize the opportunity for growth and development


Key Responsibilities 

Program Management

  • Work closely with department heads to ensure the ASYV institutional characteristics foster the  following:  
    • Community of meaning (restoring parental wholeness, not parental authority)
    • Quality Dialogue between the adults and the children and the entire community-at-large
    • foster conflict management and resolution founded on ASYV core values
    • Lead  and promote efficient and equitable DNA & individual evaluation processes 
  • Parental wholeness is founded on the principles of healing and bearing responsibility for  self and the community 
  • Frequently review and update the Child Protection Policy; ensure ALL staff are regularly trained  to ensure the safety and well-being of ASYV’s youth 
  • Develop innovative educational workshops in line with the ASYV educational approach/philosophy to improve the quality of life of children and address the dynamic challenges of daily life in the Village
  • Ensure all children receive emotional and psychological support regarding the transition to  post-Village life 
  • Participate in the DNA (Dialogue, Negotiation, and Agreement) meetings on critical issues such as accepting, moving, suspending, or expelling a child.  
  • Provide guidance, create and maintain good work practices that uphold a structured and caring home environment for each child.  
  • Ensure a variety of youth development programs listed below are implemented in accordance  with the village-wide schedule and high-quality coordinate execution: 
    • Health promotion and prevention programs 
    • Psychosocial support 
    • Individual evaluation 
    • Parental coaching 
    • Sport and recreation activities 
    • Arts learning and youth projects 
    • Real-world science education and science projects 
    • Ensure completion of Village-wide activities 
  • Communicate with every grade/cohort of youths monthly to determine their needs and  interests 
  • Ensure establishment & implementation of policies that promote the Village’s philosophy and  mission 
  • Document and integrate information systems that enable the efficient and professional sharing  of information between relevant parties 
  • Work closely with parental wholeness staff to define their performance results and key performance indicators. They must be aligned with the overall strategic plan
  • Ensure the strategic development and implementation of gender equity in the Village


People Management 

  • Lead the performance management process that measures and evaluates all educational  programs against ASYV’s strategic goals  
  • Cultivate the ASYV’s core values across all programs  
  • Instill the culture of a “Learning Community” within ASYV  
  • Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth. Lead employees to encourage maximum performance and evaluate performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics
  • Foster a strong learning community with the Village staff that defines and implements a nurturing, protecting, and empowering environment to facilitate student learning and personal excellence. 
  • Ensure establishment & implementation of policies that promote ASYV’s ultimate performance  culture and mission 



  • Review and update the student recruitment strategy document policy, which includes recruitment  criteria and new members’ onboarding plans
  • Coordinate the recruitment process of the new students (this includes budget, calendar,  propose recruitment team, field visits, a compilation of the data, the final selection of new cohort) 


Financial Responsibilities

    • Work with Finance to establish an overall annual program budget and monitor each program.
    • Ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency in all programs. 
    • Approve requisitions within the limit of the standard set by the Finance Policy & Procedures 
    • Collaborate closely with the Executive Director and produce monthly and annual reports
    • Perform other professional activities as requested by the Executive Director when needed. 


Skills, Qualifications, and Experience:
  • Undergraduate degree in psychology, social work, public health, project management, education, or related fields
  • Minimum of three (3) years of professional experience in educational work with youth or vulnerable  groups  
  • Experience in project development and the ability to transfer their diverse skills and knowledge to the team they lead
  • Passion for education, leadership, and providing psychosocial support and guidance
  • A strong and demonstrated ideological affinity to the philosophy and mission of ASYV
  • A charismatic, pedagogical and caring approach to children and youth
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, leadership, and team-building abilities  
  • Outstanding creative thinking abilities and problem-solving skills  
  • Demonstrated ability to oversee the planning, implementation, and tracking of a specific short or long-term project with a beginning, an end, and specified deliverables
  • Solid organizational skills, including attention to detail and multi-tasking skills
  • Ability to express themselves fluently in English and Kinyarwanda
  • Communication and public speaking skills  
  • Strong computer skills: Microsoft Office, Google Suite, etc.
  • Excellent prioritization and time management skills with strong attention to detail
  • Professional maturity and ability to handle the sensitivity of working within different cultures.








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