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Research and Content Development Intern

The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) is an independent, accredited university that is training the next generation of global health professionals and thinkers to be leaders and change makers so that equitable, quality health services are accessible and delivered to all.


We believe that building bridges across sectors is necessary to sustainably transform health education and delivery globally and eliminate the gap between the most and least disadvantaged.


Hamwe Festival works to generate new insights and brings public awareness to global health challenges and corresponding solutions, using the unique and complementary vantage points of the creative community and global health professionals. With the success of the Hamwe Festival and other arts initiatives at UGHE, in 2021, we institutionalized Hamwe Festival into a university department called the Arts & Culture in Global Health Public Engagement, whose responsibilities will contribute to UGHE’s mission by engaging the general public and global health communities on current global health issues through arts and cultural activities to sensitize and increase understanding on those global health issues.


UGHE is looking for a Research and Content Development intern to contribute to this effort; the ideal candidates would be enthusiastic about global health equity and health humanities.



  • Support the design, implementation and evaluation of activities of public engagement activities and events by contributing to desk reviews, event planning, podcast recording, articles redaction, proposals
  • Identify opportunities and research partners to implement UGHE Arts in Health public engagement projects and facilitate communications with relevant internal and external stakeholders
  • Assist with the production of project deliverables (reports, presentations…)
  • Develop communication and dissemination materials for internal and external teams and assist in the coordination of interdepartmental activities
  • Assist in the management of partnerships
  • Performs routine clerical and administrative duties when needed
  • Support Hamwe team and its partners in creating vibrant digital content (audio, video and written pieces)
  • Contribute events and meeting content preparation steps, including the research and quality control, facts checking and editing activities
  • Supervise and coordinate arts in health engagement activities including the technical aspects.
  • Contribute to UGHE reporting process and other activities key to the institution and department objectives





  •  A bachelor degree and experience participating in public engagement project
  • Demonstrated fitness in event organization
  • Experience contributing effectively to a multidisciplinary project team
  • Excellent writing and oral communication skills in English with previous publications (book contribution, article, Op Eds or others)
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to details
  • Interest in interacting with both academic researchers and end-users
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to work with communication stakeholders to ensure events and engagement  activities reach the largest number of people
  • Ability to work both autonomously and as part of of a large team
  • Good understanding of Kinyarwanda will be considered as an asset





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