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Senior Water Expert

OffGridBox, Inc., is an international company with Headquarters in USA, manufacturing in Italy, and a subsidiary company in Rwanda that produces electricity and clean water through OffGridBoxTM, a solar-powered 2m x 2m x 2m box with water purification technology inside. We aim to do well by doing good, providing clean power, connectivity, and high-quality water.


About the Role

OffGridBox is looking for an experienced professional who is passionate about water and loves seeing the impact of their work in the field. This person plays a critical role in setting up missions and providing ongoing technical support to partners and our commercial team. This individual will sometimes be required to travel for missions 3-4x per year, though this may be more or less depending on the complexity of the projects involved.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Studying and Testing new products

  • Research and study new technologies such as small solar reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and other new technologies that are emerging on the market.
  • Test new technologies, collecting data, verifying performance to technical specification, conducting analysis, and providing recommendations on whether this technology is fit for the field.


Managing Project Missions

  • If needed, travel on missions to deploy and test
  • Prepare technical part of mission for new projects and supervise colleagues remotely when on field to ensure success of the mission
  • Review and evolve schematics based on changing conditions found in field
  • Evaluate and evolve the design to ensure continuous technology optimization.
  • Train and work with locally-based technicians from all over the world on basic troubleshooting and supporting unskilled labor on basic maintenance procedures for the installation in field
  • Install, guide, supervise, and train local teams on the full installation of an OffGridBox, including its deployment from warehouse to site and its ongoing maintenance thereafter
  • Train local partners and the community at site on the importance of WASH and how water purification is only as effective as the cleanliness of the containers that are storing the water
  • Train and troubleshoot all water issues at OGB


Ongoing Technical Support

  • Provide commercial support to colleagues to advise customers on the technology needed for water filtration and purification based on water source conditions and test results
  • Determine the appropriate technology based on water analysis from Partners
  • Serve as a direct technical liaison for partners with a water expert on their team
  • Follow-up and collect feedback and data from field to evaluate the performance of technologies over time
  • Follow up and provide troubleshooting assistance remotely to partners after deployment of projects to ensure long-term functionality of installation in field
  • Oversee remote monitoring through online platforms with timely troubleshooting



Ideal Candidate
  • Based in East Africa
  • 10+ years work experience in the field and in the water sector with international teams
  • Tech background in water treatments especially Reverse Osmosis at a small scale (1-10 cm/day)
    ○ A senior technician with a background in water treatment in practice (not too
    much theory) and experience in USING small scale water treatment (pumping, microfiltration, reverse osmosis)
  • Confident with Software and basic IT
  • Skilled on communications (email, platforms, new software)
  • Willing and able to travel (including a valid passport that allows for going on missions) and work autonomously on missions all over the world, especially around Eastern Africa to test products in the most extreme conditions
    ○ Someone still with passion and a love to go to field.
  • Flexible and willing to work across different time zones and in different environments, including staying in locations that may not have running water or electricity
  • Good English, skilled in communications (email, platforms, new software), and with an international mindset.
    ○ Additional language is a plus




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